About elevele

Since the early childhood I was very fond of art and handicraft. This led to my decision to study architecture, which allowed me to work in the field of furniture design for many years. Though, handicraft remained my hobby, and four years ago I got into felting, which became my full-time activity.
I was so compelled by felting that I started to experiment. I have felted slippers for myself, my husband and son, whose feet was 44 EUR size, so they have turned out quite big. At the time our kitten was still pretty small and one day I saw him sleeping in my son’s slipper. This made me consider to make a bigger “slipper” for him, which became a cat cave. My kitty was keen on laying on pillows, therefore, I have sewed a soft mat to put inside of the cave. When the summer came, the kitten started to sleep on the cave. This gave me the idea to make an open cat bed. It has become an original proprietary houseleek bed.
I personally have always loved the nature, which is my greatest inspiration and plays a big role in my life. This affection has made a huge influence on my works, for instance, my first cat cave looked similar to a stone. The entire collection includes interpretations of a flower, a leaf and a hornet’s nest. I experiment with different fibersand materials to create new textures and maintain caves’ shape unchanged. It is also worth mentioning that all caves are handmade using only wool, natural olive soap and water.
I have great a family which is all very supportive. My husband has studied architecture and also adores cats. That's why he is so interested and helpful with my work. We live surrounded by the nature in our house on the fringe of Vilnius, where I also have my studio. Again, our beloved kitty Rainis is always there to try new items, play with wool or watch me felting. He has a life of a prince surrounded by various cat beds and toys.
We are very grateful that you choose our products and it is always a pleasure to get a feedback from our happy customers and their kitties. 
(Sincerely, Elena)